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Reshaping Financial Markets: Making Finance a Force for Good

What is impact investing?

Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investing is an exciting and rapidly growing industry. It is taking place all over the world, and across all asset classes. If you want to go into finance but keep your conscience, now you can.

% millennials interested
$bn growth annually
$tn AUM
% studies show same/better returns

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Check out some examples of impact investing in the world today

Forest Carbon Projects


As part of the Althelia Climate Fund, Ecosphere+ has the largest portfolio of forest carbon projects in the world.

Transparent Social Funding

Alice blockchain

Alice is a social funding and impact management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. They enable the funding of projects that tackle homelessness, food security and more.

Solar Solutions

Trine invest

Trine allows you to invest in solar projects in Africa, with the impact ranging from CO2 avoided and number of people affected assessed by UNDP.

Fashion for Good


For every product purchased, TOMS will help a person in need in, whether it be providing shoes, sight-saving surgery, water or safe birth.

Arts for Good


The Arts Impact Fund brings together public, private and charitable funding to demonstrate the potential and impact of social investment in the arts.

Reducing waste


FindTap aims to reduce the use of one-use plastic water bottles by encouraging bottle refilling. They partnered with resturants and coffee shops to enable a network of refill stations, all of which can be seen on a map.

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